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Even when parishes work hard at good communication - someone can find a reason to complain. "I wasn't informed!" "When did that happen?" Nonetheless we've also noticed that when parishes do work hard at communication, particularly harnessing the rapid delivery and low cost of email or other electronic channels, many people notice and appreciate it. The benefits:

  • A sense of energy is conveyed.   
  • The church feels less fossilized. Particularly to teens, 20 somethings -- and older. 


Improving Websites and External Communications

Improving Your Parish Website

A recent webinar offered by Parish Development Ministry leader Joe Kormos

Archive recording (You'll be asked to register prior to viewing.)


Toward Better Parish Websites

Recently we spoke to a priest from another Diocese. His statement was not really surprising but nonetheless interesting. “Most of our new people find us via our parish webpage or the web listing.” See article here
More Suggestions for Improved Parish Websites
For vibrant parishes, an effective website can help attract visitors.
We all know the importance of first impressions and for many visitors there first impression is formed before they walk through the door -- by visiting your parish website. See article here
Parish Bulletins

Improving Parish Bulletin Content

Parish Health Faciliator Joseph Kormos offers suggestions on improving the content of parish bulletins and newsetters based on a review of a cross sections of parish communications efforts. See article

Improving the Parish Bulletin Formatting

A professional attractive bulletin delivers – both to the parishioner and to the first time visitor -- a sense that all in this parish is in good order. See article

Parish Bulletins Revisited  - Reflection from a Retired Priest

A bishop, much loved by me, once told me "Father__ , do something about your bulletins. They're boring!"

Thus motivated I tried to make improvements, and, frankly I was not always successful.  read more...

Developing a Parish Thank You System

One good parish practice is the simple practice of "saying thank you often".  While this should be a natural personal quality sometimes systematic effort is needed.   see more...


Photographing Your Parish
In various articles about parish websites we stress the need to include photos --good photos -- of your parish on the site to bring it alive.

But how to do that? Not every parish has access to a professional photographer. Can an untrained parishioner truly capture your parish and bring it to life? We asked professional photographer Matushka Ksenia Bruner of Eighth Day Photography to share some tips of the trade...

Taking Parish Photos

Before ever snapping the shutter, I think every person with a camera needs to ask themselves one question: “What is my goal with these photographs?” In my photography business, I am hired to tell a story. Generally, I am hired to tell the story of a wedding, but I also tell stories of ordinations, baptisms, liturgies, hierarchical visits, and any other event where the memories will be captured on disc. The end goal of great photographs is to tell the story of the event that is being captured.