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The Empty Guest Book

In this era of rampant personal anonymity parishes often say that while they have a guest book few people sign it.  To help convince visitors to actually sign your guest book one approach you could consider is to make a modest cash (or in kind) donation to a local food pantry for people who sign. You could mention this in your bulletin and occasionally in announcements and put a little sign next to the book to the effect:

"Please sign our guest book. We'd like to get to know the good people that visit our church AND keep you/them aware of events... AND we'll make a donation  to the xyz food pantry."

It still may not convince "Mr. Anonymity" to reveal his identity - but the donation policy projects an image of outreach to the guest and could help emphasize to parishioners that:

  1. Charity is good
  2. We want to engage with local charitable entities and
  3. We value names of interested people because we have something to offer. Invite your friends to church.